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Is it necessary to double cleanse?

I know for most people, getting a good skin care routine going consistently can be difficult. You’re tired after a long day in the evening, and you are in a rush in the morning.


However, just like anything else, if you force yourself to do something consistently for a few weeks, it becomes second nature. Double cleansing – especially for those who wear makeup, is a necessary step at least in the evening.




Because this:

This was actually in the morning, (I had even double cleansed the night before). I did go to a workout, then I came home and showered and washed my face with my cleanser in the shower, and I wash my face for about 60 seconds. Then when I got out, I was in a rush and just used my toner (HA Hydra mist from Rhonda Allison, AKA Cucumber toner, a product I can never ever go without)…. And this is what came off onto the cotton round.


When you are cleansing your skin the first time, you are removing dirt, excess oil, possibly makeup if it is in the evening. And when you sleep at night your body releases toxins, our cells regenerate and our body detoxifies, so when you wake up in the morning it can be beneficial to use a gentle cleanser and do a double cleanse.


Double cleansing will help prevent breakouts and will promote brighter skin.

  1. Cleanse the first time to remove makeup, previous night/day skin care products, dirt and oil.

  2. Cleansing the second time will cleanse your skin, not just remove product and dirt.

I am not saying you need to have two different cleansers, although some might have a basic cleanser followed by a treatment cleanser (something with peptides or brightening ingredients, etc…) but you can also just use the same gentle cleanser twice. Cleanse your skin for 60 seconds, pat your skin dry, and then do another pump of that same cleanser followed by another 60 seconds. If you happen to use a toner after – you will notice your cotton round is white as new after you use it.


Recommendations for gentle cleansers that will not strip the skin and are very gentle for all skin types:




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